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OMG! I JUST found out that KEM released a Christmas Album LAST WEEK via Itunes.  After hearing the samples, I knew I had to buy it.  I most certainly will support him very soon!  He has been consistent with his  music and he isn't an artist that feels he NEEDS to change with the climate of the music industry.  Some of the Christmas songs have a Jazz-influence with it, too.  His voice is such a great addition to ANY song and if he can start his career in his late 30's, so can anyone else! Click here for KEM's Christmas album: "What Christmas Means."   He NEVER disappoints!

As we all know, Brandy released her 6th studio album last week, too called "Two Eleven."  MY FAVORITE ARTIST IN THE WHOLE WORLD! Well, her and AALIYAH! I have heard that she went back to her roots with this album, so I know I'm buying it! Her previous albums, "Human" and "Aphrodisiac" were GREAT, imho.  Just because the "industry" is fickle when they h…

Part 2: Baptism Video...and More! 9.30.12

Hey everyone! How is your Sunday going?

I hope you all had a great week :) Always remember that Sunday is the start of a new week and what happened last week is OLD NEWS!

For those that don't know, I got baptized last Sunday (9.23.12) and I said I would have the video on the actual Baptism available for you to view today.  There were many family and friends that couldn't attend the service, so I wanted to give you all a chance to experience it as if you were there!

Below is the video: tell me in the Comments section what you think:


For the Music Lovers!
This Tuesday, Faith Evans is releasing a new album called R&B Divas, inspired by the new reality series she  produced called "R&B Divas" on TVOne.  You can watch it every Monday night at 10pm EST.  Each song is a duet with another cast-member of the show along with a special song with Kelly Price.  Support her and her music along with the other "Divas" featured on the album…

I GOT BAPTIZED!!! Part 1... 9.23.12


Today was the day I gave my life to Christ Jesus, my Lord and Savior!   I will NEVER forget it! The overall experience was a bittersweet one: my parents weren't there, but it was still worth it because I had my Church family with me.  I cried and boo-hooed! It hit me even more as I walked up the stairs to the pool pit.

I made this decision for me, not for anyone else.  That was one of the things I became conflicted with: doing this just for show and not for the right reasons.  After I was dunked in the water, I knew I made the right decision.  Everything made sense at that moment.

I plan to have a video of the actual Baptism for those who didn't get a chance to see it.  That will be Part 2 of this blog post.

No matter what, stay positive, progressive and prosperous!

Peace and blessings,


Two years and Music Tuesday 9.2.12!

My trip/place to Atlanta

Today marks two whole years since I moved to Atlanta (to stay for good) and I can't be more happy to have made such a great decision.  I knew that if I didn't step out on faith and make that long drive to GA, I would have felt the "shoulda, coulda, wouldas" and long term feelings of regret.  Despite some trials and tribulations here, I enjoy my time and the people that have blessed my life abundantly.   Atlanta is such a progressive and prosperous city that, IRREGARDLESS of what is depicted on TV, it's still a great place to live.   You ultimately have to block out negativity to get to what's AWESOME about the city.

Music Tuesday: Tamia's "Beautiful Surprise" and Dwele's "Greater Than One"

Two fave artists of mine released their most recent album this past Tuesday, 8.28.12: Tamia and Dwele!  Tamia never releases an album that I don't like and if the album is evident of the first single, the title track &…

Music Tuesday, Past and Future 8.14.12

Hey everyone!

As most or some of us may know: Elle Varner (real name Gabrielle Varner) released her debut album, Perfectly Imperfect last week.  I am very impressed with this girl!!! She got her start with Wendy Raquel Robinson's Amazing Grace Conservatory Academy in California and from there, has really taken off.  She has such a raw talent and unique voice, which I'm sure is how she stands out vocally.  Her style is also a great statement within itself.  It's great to know that there are still authentic artists wanting to be themselves and not putting out an image that they claim is really them. I love her song, "Refill" and I can't wait to actually buy this CD.  If you have it, leave some comments as to what you like about the album.

Mariah Carey released a new single also last week called "Triumphant" feat. Rick Ross and Meek Mill. It sounds...OK.  I honestly miss the Mariah who sung w/o having rappers/hip-hop artists on her tracks.  It's …

"On Beauty," Streams of Income and Updates! 8.4.12

Long time! Hey, everyone!

I am working on a project (that you all can view its first episode NOW here: On Beauty With Doc Waller. that has REALLY changed my perspective on so many things, but mainly how we as humans should treat one another.  As the remaining episodes are being produced (there's going to be two-four left to work on for Season One), check back to the website above to see some more behind-the-scenes goodies! It's time to support quality, intellectual and worthwhile content!  For information on the Host/Producer of the show, check out Doc Waller and the Production Company which the show is under, Rene 511, Inc.

Praise JESUS, I got offered a JOB! I interviewed over a week ago and contingent on passing the requirements for the Pre-employment process for the position, I will be able to start working on the 5th of September, with PAID training to begin in a week or so.  I wish I could tell you that there was some sort of trick or gimmick I used to get the job offer. …

What A Week! and Music Tuesdays 6.21.12

Wow! What can I say about the last month, let alone the last 10 days???

Through the bumps, I have had a very interesting few weeks.  "When you're feeling down, you should never fake it." - Mary J. Blige, MY LIFE.  I have had that feeling during this time; I don't want to put up any kind of facade, regardless of how I was dealing with the pain.  If I am down or feeling not up to par, I want to be  able to show it.  When I am in that state of mind, of course, people will ask me, "what's wrong?" To which I reply with a "I don't want to talk about it" or " I'm doing well."  Honestly, things ARE well in MY eyes: I have the capability to STILL speak, touch, think, walk, smell, taste, breathe and see my life EACH DAY, despite the odds against me, so everything is FINE.  God blesses me with life each day and from the beginning of my turmoil to present-day, I am forever grateful for it.  This is a small storm, but the little things th…

Being Unemployed: Good or Bad Thing?

Hey everyone!

I can't believe it has been so long since my last posting.  Did you miss me???? LOL!

This will be a short post as I was inspired to write the recent on-goings of my life this month in reference to the title.

On May 2nd, I had the AWESOME opportunity to be an extra in a movie being shot here in Atlanta.  Me AND my car were shot for some scenes.  Hopefully, you will see me in it when the movie comes out NEXT May!  That moment and since that moment have really been great for me because I don't have the "9-5" job.  I have the free time to pursue GOD'S gifts and to also put energy in what TRULY makes me happy.  I don't want to work simply for the money or for the "stability" of a FT job.  God has blessed me with other money-making opportunities that will work out for me in the long run.  The money may not be instant, but I am patient to wait for that opportunity to materialize.  This chance is GOD'S way of telling me to take advantage …

Short and Sweet 4.23.12

Hey everyone!
Glad to be back this week writing to you :) Thank you for choosing to read my blog and if you would, please comment and subscribe to it!
I will make this short since I do plan on writing another post later on this week.
I am always inspired to speak on something whenever I have a great conversation with someone. Tonight, I had one of those wake-up "calls" with LaTanyaO'Kelley, a publicist here in Atlanta. She and I had been meaning to connect and communicate, however, due to our lives crossing so much, we hadn't had the chance. Tonight we spoke on the phone for nearly TWO HOURS about any and everything that came to our minds that correlates to what we BOTH are doing for ourselves. She actually gave me more information than I could have EVER asked for and I am so GRATEFUL for that. Sometimes, my motivation comes from within, other times it comes from other people who BELIEVE IN ME. Most times, a combination of both of those circumstances come from …


Hey everyone! It has been a minute, but I'm back! Just a few small thoughts before Music Tuesday:
I was at church last Sunday and I thought I lost my coin purse. When I went back in the facility (our service was held at a Country Club) to find it, I went to the kitchen area and asked a staff member if they saw it. The male staff member said he would ask another member of the staff who was in the area where church service was held. In the meantime, he asked if I was hungry and I immediately said "Yes." The male staff member came back with a plate full of breakfast food and asked if I wanted something else. Before I could answer, he took my plate away from me and gave me some more food. The whole time I was concerned and telling him that I didn't want him to lose his job because he was serving me food without his co-workers knowing. He told me: "just take it and be blessed." Those words have resonated with me ever since. Virtually a complete stranger …

March 28th, 2012: Is It Wrong?

I posed that question because there are things that I do (although not perfect at), that I would expect others to do, but DON'T do.
Is wrong for me to think that people will be courteous? Is it wrong for me to think that gratitude could/should go a long way? Is it wrong for me to move away from someone who sneezes/coughs, while being sick, without covering their mouth? Is it wrong to move on from a job and start your own career? Is it wrong to NOT settle for what you KNOW is not in GOD's plan for you? Is it wrong to expect adults to ACT as such? Is it wrong to be respectful to others' privacy? Is it wrong to put someone down due to their misfortune? Is it wrong to expect children to behave or to be raised properly?* Is it wrong of me to speak properly, as I was raised, AND NOT be judged? Is it wrong to be well-mannered AND NOT be judged? Is it wrong to also write in proper English, as I was taught, AND NOT be judged? Is it wrong to live in a way that isn't what SOCIETY wants me…

March 19th, 2012: Positive, Progressive and Prosperous!

WHOO! These past two plus years have been a doozy! Let's see? Where do I start?
I officially moved to Atlanta, GA in September of 2010;Still a Grad student with my current MBA program all the while looking for work;Couldn't eat like I needed to due to lack of funds (moved to ATL w/o a job), which in turn had me losing weight;Became employed in December, 2010;Became a Mary Kay Consultant in Feb, 2011;Joined some professional organizations during this time;Struggled with my coursework all the while;Started a new position in November 2011, under the same company;Joined a church in January, 2012;Became "unemployed" in March of 2012Started exploring other options in other companies in the city.
GOD took me out of an environment that became somewhere I didn't need to be. My intent on moving to Atlanta was to work in Broadcast Journalism, (specifically in Radio) and I am at a point where I have the free time to pursue that goal. Atlanta is booming with opportunity and …