Saturday, July 18, 2009

TODAY IS IT! I will dfinetely post my blog about the topics I mentioned a few days ago. I got sleepy and didn't have the energy to write, lol!

Peace n love!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'll be posting a new blog more than likely tomorrow. Here are the topics at hand:

Scott Peterson

Thanks n peace!

Hope everyone enjoys reading the posts!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009



Hope everyone's day was an eventful one. No regrets?? Good. Let's chat about some current events, lol! I plan to be brief tonight, so here we go!


First off, I watched the ABC special last night called "The Jacksons After Michael." I caught the last 45 or so minutes, but I was glued to it the whole time. I was glad that some things came up that can clear the air, and other things that, I feel should have been kept personal. When Joe Jackson admitted Katherine whupping Michael more than he did, I was in shock. But then, I was confused because I didn't know who to believe. Whatever went on in that house all those years ago, we the fans only have his movies (Moon Walker, An American Dream, The Michael Jackson Story) to really account for it. It has been out for so long that it was Joe that did it, but now, this is revealed. If it was REALLY Katherine, why wasn't it exposed prior to the making or duration of An American Dream? Makes you wonder... Another shocking revelation (well, not to me) were the pics of Michael's ankles and legs. So many people made him out to be someone he wasn't by saying that he BLEACHED HIS SKIN but the pictures showed he actually had the vitilgo disease. The pics are hard evidence of the TRUTH, so everyone should fall back and let MJ rest in peace!


I AM LOVING JADA'S NEW SHOW HAWTHORNE!!! Her portrayal of a CNO (Chief Nursing Officer) is very convincing, lol! Of course it would be, since she herself is a great actress! (Just my opinion). My mom and I watch it every Tuesday night. Oddly enough, my mom in an RN and Jada's mom is STILL a nurse! My mom wanted me to be a nurse because of my helpful nature, but I passed. I respect people in the field and admire their perseverance (I see it everyday in my mother), but I would rather not work as a nurse in the Medical field. Billing and Coding, or Administrative Assistant, Hell Yeah!!! Not a nurse who is on their feet for almost 12 hours straight. When I watch Jada's show, I get a small glimpse of what my mother may go through every other day. Sometimes, I may get emotional because it can be hard to watch someone pass away (even though it's TV). That's real life in a hospital and knowing that my own mother goes through that makes me nervous at times. But she chose to engage in that profession, so I shouldn't worry for her. I should be happy FOR her. On the other end, I enjoy all the characters and story lines they each go through. Alot of sarcastic humor plays on through some of her other characters. She not only is the main character, but the Executive Producer. She calls the shots!! I know that many new faces are on this show (at least from what I can see) and when those actors look back, they will honor and respect Jada for giving them a shot or a piece of her dream. I have admired and loved Jada for a long time and I appreciate the fact that she wanted to produce a show with integrity, heart and of quality and humor. It is a HUGE step up from other shows that are on TV nowadays. Much respect and keep up the GREAT work, Jada! BTW, she does have a Facebook page that SHE operates, so lookout for her!


Everyone is not going to like what people say or do. With that said, I want to know why SOOOOOOOOO many people are coming down so hard on Nia Long for her speaking her TRUE AND HONEST opinion about artists and movie roles? She is correct in her opinion, yet she gets the negative backlash because people think she is name dropping. I feel that what you have a passion for should be your main focus, nothing else. If you LOVE AND BREATHE acting, you should do that. If you LOVE AND BREATHE music, you should do that. There shouldn't be any double dipping all because you want to "make more money" or it "looks good on your resume." Bump that. Too many artists (who should stick to singing/rapping) are not fulfilling the acting roles well enough. To many and most actors, it is their bread and butter, their reason for existing, their money maker. If they weren't paid to do it, I know some who would still pursue the career because they simply LOVE it. Same with musicians/artists. When you take that away from someone, it's cause for qualified or more pertinent actors to speak out on it. I know some musicians/artists who would not like a actor stealing their thunder from them on the Billboard charts, so why do that to a seasoned or accomplished actor for a movie role?

Like I stated in a previous blog, just because you are able to or can do it, doesn't mean you SHOULD do it. Some people think because they have a "pop" appeal or they are well known in whatever industry their craft is in, they can do it all. Well, take some acting classes and hone that craft before you try and steal someone else's money.

Bottom line, it shouldn't always be about MONEY. It should ALWAYS be about pure TALENT. Everyone stick to what they know best.

On that note, (sorry for it being so long) I'm headed to sleep. I want to do a New Jack Swing post 2morrow...we'll see how that goes.

Thanks for reading and as always, PEACE AND LOVE! Feel free to comment if you want.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009



I hope everyone is doing well this afternoon. I am! I had somethings to talk about and things to address so here goes!

Every Tuesday is my favorite day of the week: NEW MUSIC! I am so excited that BOTH Joe and Chico Debarge's new Cd's are in stores!!! Joe's new CD is called "Signature" and Chico Debarge's "Addiction!" I honestly feel and believe that both of these artists should do a duet album or a double album together. That would be long overdue and very great for all the real fans out there. The song "No Guarantee" shows how much their voices compliment each other. They are also on tour together, so check them out when they come to town. Chico Debarge is on Twitter @chicodebarge. Joe, I'm not sure if he is, but I will look into it. It is good to see Joe staying constant in music, but I have to say: I think he fell into the trend of music with the "radio hit" phase going on right now for about two albums now. I love CLASSIC JOE and he shouldn't have to adapt pr change his sound to fit the times of today. Slim Thugga said it best and that is to be yourself and not change who you are. Classic and respectable artists like these two and also Kenny Lattimore shouldn't feel they have to change to go along with the market. That is how some artists lose fans, or even lose their appeal. This album was written, arranged, produced and sung by Joe so kudos! That must have taken a lot of work, lol! Chico Debarge went through some legal troubles and is back to where it all began: his music. This album puts him in a better place and will keep him out of trouble, hopefully lol! I admire his tenacity and him overcoming all the odds that he was faced with in life. With what he went through, he could have easily said " F*** music" and given up. I think he finds solace in his music since it is therapy for the soul and mind. Why do you think so many artists have HIT songs that pertain to personal experiences? That is what folks relate to so, it becomes popular. I will post links to some of their albums so you all can listen to them. Congrats to JOE and Chico on continuing to be you!

Chico Debarge's Long Time No See CD:

Joe Thomas' A New Man CD:

Beyonce: Sweet Dreams/Sister Act 2

Ok. I did see the new Bey video. I do like that it's in color and she has her KILLER dance moves still in tact , lol! The song is really good, too. When I hear the lyrics intently, it makes perfect sense! Overall, the video is ok. With the dance moves and song, I wouldn't rate it above Me, Myself and I or even Crazy In Love. I have other DC videos that I prefer over this one. The original DC, to me was the BEST vocally and you can truly tell on their first two albums. Her Sasha Fierce album is not in my collection and I don't want it to be. I like the songs she's put out but I would rather not have to pay for a double cd where it's ONLY 10 songs. As many songs she recorded, she could have put more on the CDs. Her songs are too "pop appeal" and there are more "radio hits" on this album, too. With her talent, she should not have to resort to being an artist of the NOW or of the times. Her music should speak and last longer than a few years and that's the main reason why I don't like the CD as a whole. One thing I do respect about Bey is that she is a hard worker. She has a hunger and a fight that is to be admired. However, I do not like how she feels she has to have a hand in everything or has to DO everything because she has the power to do it. First, it was wanting to cover the late GREAT AALIYAH'S classic song "One In A Million," then creating a new Dereon line called "Sasha Fierce" and now she wants to remake the movie "Sister Act 2." I understand why she wants to do it: it's a GREAT movie, that should be left for Whoopi Goldberg and her legacy. Every artist doesn't HAVE to act because they want to be multi-faceted or a triple threat. Many artists don't have to be in movies to be popular. I understand her being an entrepreneur and doing many different things. It may b in her spirit to be involved so much. I just don't think she should have to redo something that was great for it's time. We hear Bey enough on the radio to where people change the station sometimes. She is on every hour, sometimes twice an hour on most top 40 stations, and that is how and why most people get tired of hearing or seeing her wanting to do EVERYTHING. She is good enough w/o the movies or even the clothing line. I do like her clothing line, but it way too expensive and even it I had the money to afford it, I wouldn't spend $100 on a pair of jeans or on some of the other merchandise in her line. Her new line of clothes is going to be in the same price range also, so who knows what will come of that?

Bey is a great artist, but please just tone it down a notch, lol!

Here is an article posted by a guy named gyant (twitter @gyant). Nia Long is featured in it and she discusses her concern for actresses not getting their just due for roles in movies:

Sweet Dreams Video:

Well, that's it for this blog. I hope I didn't offend anyone, but if I did, leave a comment saying why. Feel free to comment regardless, lol! Let me know if the links work, too. Everyone stay positive and blessed.

Thanks for reading and as always, PEACE AND LOVE! SMOOCHIES!

~MS. V~

First Official Post...(not really but oh well!)

Ms. V's BLOG!

Hello to all!!! If you are just tuning it (lol), my name is valencia aka MS.V. I have written some posts prior to this one but let's just start fresh and call this my FIRST official blog post.

A HELLUVA LOT has happened since I last wrote on here. I want to start out by saying that I want to make this a blog about a LOVE of mine: MUSIC as well as talk about my personal life and see how and what type of response I get from the reading audience. Music is what keeps me TRULY happy and without it, I don't know how I would function, lol! I want to discuss personal life because it's real, nothing made up. I know there are many people tha t can relate to what I go through on a daily basis, so I want to be able to vent about it somewhere where I know it can help another person in their struggle. WHERE TO START??? lol... Brief history...

I am a year old college grad student looking for employment (who isn't right now? lol). Got my BA in Mass Communications and want to get my start in the Radio industry. KPVU FM 91.3 is where I honed my skills and I will be forever grateful to them. Sirius/XM watch out! LOL! I have many goals in mind including, starting a podcast, a website and getting TWO Masters degrees. Living back at home has humbled me and my next announcement couldn't have come at a better time for me.

One thing that I do is when I start writing, I can get long winded, so I will do my best to keep it short and sweet! If I don't, OH WELL!

Let's start off positive. I was accepted into a graduate program this past Friday and I couldn't be more happy! I have a job available to me when I get there, just have to sign paperwork, and sign off on some housing forms as well. When I say I am BLESSED, I do mean it. Only GOD has given me this opportunity to travel and make something better of myself in a new environment. I have been through quite a bit of things since I graduated last May that has helped me to grow up and to learn life's lessons firsthand. I will say without the help of my mother and brother, I would not be in the place I am today. STRAIGHT UP. They have put up with my bulls*** and I have to say, I have said my peace to them quite a few times as well. ESP. my mother. :( Don't you feel like your parents don't listen to you when you are making a sound opinion or a good statement that is very important to you? I get that feeling many times when my mother and I get into arguments. The sooner I am able to leave, the better I know it will be to move on and start a living of my own. Oh i forgot to mention: the grad program is in PA. Pennsylvania for those that aren't aware lol! This is my first road trip alone and I'm so happy.

The job market has been a tough one for me. I've been laid off enough to know that going to PA is the BEST thing to do. Why wait for a job or apply to a job that isn't paying what I should be making as a college graduate? That may sound selfish or inconsiderate, but that is how I feel. I know workers in China will do whatever they need to do in order to work, regardless of the pay. Educated or not, they are willing to work extremely hard to get ahead and not complain. With the job market now, it is starting to look up and employers are looking toward the staffing agencies for contractors/ft/pt. If anyone is in need or is wanting to start looking for jobs, start thru an agency first and see how that works out for you. Since graduation I have only been on three assignments, but hey, it could be different for you.

I plan and will write to both my blogs on a daily basis. Even if it is just a sentence, lol! I want to be consistent and gain readership through my words. I want to personally some people who have inspired me to get in the habit of being consistent with my writing:

my brother Rickey, who through his hard work and dedication to his music and poetry has kept my spirit alive to get the fire going!

my fellow classmate and friend ashley, who gave me some good advice and let me know of some viable info about the media world.

two ladies who seem to be the RAVE on youtube, Candy and Skittles, who have a youtube channel called SweetAddictionsTV. All they did was start filming themselves doing their daily routine and talking about their daily routine and they have become a huge hit!! They inspire me cause they are doing what I am doing, just with video.

Anyone else who has given me advice, strength through stupid bulls***, drama and hard times, people who are down for me and people who genuinely respect me as a woman, sister, friend, lover (lol jk!) and human being! thanks for all the love!!

I had more on my mind, but I may have forgotten it... oh well.

If anyone know how to get a podcast started, holla at me, Ms.V on the following apps:

facebook: v. nacole wade (search) it should work, otherwise search with my full first n last name

just send a msg letting me know who u are, if u have info about it.

I plan to do a poll question each day or few days dealing with current events in music or otherwise, so if you all have something that can be discussed, hit me up too!

Will frequently be putting up a play list of my fave songs or a play list/album that I love!

I also will post up a video of SweetAddictionsTV so you all can see them for yourself.

I want to help out whoever I can so if you have any questions, please let me know and I'll do my best to answer them.

Lastly, thanks for reading my post and as always, PEACE AND LOVE! Feel free to leave a comment, I want honest feedback, for real!