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TODAY IS IT! I will dfinetely post my blog about the topics I mentioned a few days ago. I got sleepy and didn't have the energy to write, lol! Peace n love!
HELLO READERS TO MY BLOG!! I'll be posting a new blog more than likely tomorrow. Here are the topics at hand: Scott Peterson
Weddings.Thanks n peace!
Hope everyone enjoys reading the posts!



Hope everyone's day was an eventful one. No regrets?? Good. Let's chat about some current events, lol! I plan to be brief tonight, so here we go!


First off, I watched the ABC special last night called "The Jacksons After Michael." I caught the last 45 or so minutes, but I was glued to it the whole time. I was glad that some things came up that can clear the air, and other things that, I feel should have been kept personal. When Joe Jackson admitted Katherine whupping Michael more than he did, I was in shock. But then, I was confused because I didn't know who to believe. Whatever went on in that house all those years ago, we the fans only have his movies (Moon Walker, An American Dream, The Michael Jackson Story) to really account for it. It has been out for so long that it was Joe that did it, but now, this is revealed. If it was REALLY Katherine, why wasn't it exposed prior to the making or duration of An American Dream? Makes yo…



I hope everyone is doing well this afternoon. I am! I had somethings to talk about and things to address so here goes!

Every Tuesday is my favorite day of the week: NEW MUSIC! I am so excited that BOTH Joe and Chico Debarge's new Cd's are in stores!!! Joe's new CD is called "Signature" and Chico Debarge's "Addiction!" I honestly feel and believe that both of these artists should do a duet album or a double album together. That would be long overdue and very great for all the real fans out there. The song "No Guarantee" shows how much their voices compliment each other. They are also on tour together, so check them out when they come to town. Chico Debarge is on Twitter @chicodebarge. Joe, I'm not sure if he is, but I will look into it. It is good to see Joe staying constant in music, but I have to say: I think he fell into the trend of music with the "radio hit" phase going on right now for about two albums no…

First Official Post...(not really but oh well!)

Ms. V's BLOG!

Hello to all!!! If you are just tuning it (lol), my name is valencia aka MS.V. I have written some posts prior to this one but let's just start fresh and call this my FIRST official blog post.

A HELLUVA LOT has happened since I last wrote on here. I want to start out by saying that I want to make this a blog about a LOVE of mine: MUSIC as well as talk about my personal life and see how and what type of response I get from the reading audience. Music is what keeps me TRULY happy and without it, I don't know how I would function, lol! I want to discuss personal life because it's real, nothing made up. I know there are many people tha t can relate to what I go through on a daily basis, so I want to be able to vent about it somewhere where I know it can help another person in their struggle. WHERE TO START??? lol... Brief history...

I am a year old college grad student looking for employment (who isn't right now? lol). Got my BA in Mass Communications and wa…