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Short and Sweet 4.23.12

Hey everyone!
Glad to be back this week writing to you :) Thank you for choosing to read my blog and if you would, please comment and subscribe to it!
I will make this short since I do plan on writing another post later on this week.
I am always inspired to speak on something whenever I have a great conversation with someone. Tonight, I had one of those wake-up "calls" with LaTanyaO'Kelley, a publicist here in Atlanta. She and I had been meaning to connect and communicate, however, due to our lives crossing so much, we hadn't had the chance. Tonight we spoke on the phone for nearly TWO HOURS about any and everything that came to our minds that correlates to what we BOTH are doing for ourselves. She actually gave me more information than I could have EVER asked for and I am so GRATEFUL for that. Sometimes, my motivation comes from within, other times it comes from other people who BELIEVE IN ME. Most times, a combination of both of those circumstances come from …