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"On Beauty," Streams of Income and Updates! 8.4.12

Long time! Hey, everyone!

I am working on a project (that you all can view its first episode NOW here: On Beauty With Doc Waller. that has REALLY changed my perspective on so many things, but mainly how we as humans should treat one another.  As the remaining episodes are being produced (there's going to be two-four left to work on for Season One), check back to the website above to see some more behind-the-scenes goodies! It's time to support quality, intellectual and worthwhile content!  For information on the Host/Producer of the show, check out Doc Waller and the Production Company which the show is under, Rene 511, Inc.

Praise JESUS, I got offered a JOB! I interviewed over a week ago and contingent on passing the requirements for the Pre-employment process for the position, I will be able to start working on the 5th of September, with PAID training to begin in a week or so.  I wish I could tell you that there was some sort of trick or gimmick I used to get the job offer. …