March 19th, 2012: Positive, Progressive and Prosperous!

WHOO! These past two plus years have been a doozy! Let's see? Where do I start?

  • I officially moved to Atlanta, GA in September of 2010;
  • Still a Grad student with my current MBA program all the while looking for work;
  • Couldn't eat like I needed to due to lack of funds (moved to ATL w/o a job), which in turn had me losing weight;
  • Became employed in December, 2010;
  • Became a Mary Kay Consultant in Feb, 2011;
  • Joined some professional organizations during this time;
  • Struggled with my coursework all the while;
  • Started a new position in November 2011, under the same company;
  • Joined a church in January, 2012;
  • Became "unemployed" in March of 2012
  • Started exploring other options in other companies in the city.

GOD took me out of an environment that became somewhere I didn't need to be. My intent on moving to Atlanta was to work in Broadcast Journalism, (specifically in Radio) and I am at a point where I have the free time to pursue that goal. Atlanta is booming with opportunity and I couldn't be more grateful to GOD for him bringing me safely to GA, by myself, and having this chance to thrive and live here. This is the right time for me being here, and I gotta say, if you want to do ANYTHING in your life, DON'T let people, things, situations hold you back! GOD will protect you along the way and will give you the strength you need to survive; just WALK BY FAITH!!

I can give advice all day, but the one other thing I can also tell you (the person reading this), is to ALWAYS surround yourself with positive, progressive and prosperous people! You shan't fail when you do that because you are in the company of others who are like-minded, as you are, and you CHOSE to lift yourself up. If you even have to change your group of friends/circle of people you hang with, do it! No one can/should be upset at you because you chose to better yourself and those that aren't on the same page aren't willing to go there with you. Either get on or get off...

Last thing, I promise, lol! If you DON'T have this, please go and purchase "The Secret" DVD by Rhonda Byrne. When you buy it AND watch it, let ME know what the "secret" really is and what you thought of it.

I hope I was able to inspire someone by this post. They will be coming more frequently, so stay tuned!!

A helpful quote(s) from my Pastor, Pastor Lee Jenkins:

"Never put a conjunction where GOD puts a period."

"You will never reach your PROMISED LAND if you don't have FAITH."

Peace and love,

V. Wade

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