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Hey, y'all!

How are you doing today?  Depending on when you read this, I hope your day/evening is going great!

Per my last post, here is a brief update since my move:

My main reason to move to GA was to work in the field of Mass Media or Media Entertainment. Between different jobs to make ends meet, I was in Graduate school online for two more years.  Needless to say, I am no longer in that program (for reasons I won't discuss here), and for two years after that, I worked in the Retail Banking industry.  One Bank afforded me the opportunity to work as a Business Banker, where I would solicit businesses to open Business accounts and to utilize our products and services.  It was a definite growing experience and I am glad that I had a chance to work with a different Bank as recent as last year.

My second Retail Banking experience was with a Bank that is more well-known and one that offers more options for Bankers.  My position there was in a Supervisory role, Personal Banker and…


Good afternoon, Fam!  It's been a long time since I've written a post, however, my motivation has changed, so here goes! The post below is from 8/28/2009, 5 days before I officially moved to Atlanta from Clarion, PA.   It is short and sweet, so please comment below and I look forward to your subscription! I will write another post soon, as a "Flash Forward" to discuss where I am today.

Hello again to all!

Hope everyone's day (or evening, whenever you plan to read this), is doing well. My day was good, could have been better, but no time or need to complain. Something was on my mind, so I would like to share. Here goes!

Moving On
It hasn't been as difficult in an emotional sense to just pack up and leave my home of almost 25 years. I have found an opportunity and I'm taking it because if I don't: 1) I'll regret myself for not doing it and 2) my life would not be the same. This is a career changing experience, one that will benefit my family, myself and…