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March 19th, 2012: Positive, Progressive and Prosperous!

WHOO! These past two plus years have been a doozy! Let's see? Where do I start?
I officially moved to Atlanta, GA in September of 2010;Still a Grad student with my current MBA program all the while looking for work;Couldn't eat like I needed to due to lack of funds (moved to ATL w/o a job), which in turn had me losing weight;Became employed in December, 2010;Became a Mary Kay Consultant in Feb, 2011;Joined some professional organizations during this time;Struggled with my coursework all the while;Started a new position in November 2011, under the same company;Joined a church in January, 2012;Became "unemployed" in March of 2012Started exploring other options in other companies in the city.
GOD took me out of an environment that became somewhere I didn't need to be. My intent on moving to Atlanta was to work in Broadcast Journalism, (specifically in Radio) and I am at a point where I have the free time to pursue that goal. Atlanta is booming with opportunity and …