What's on your To-Do List today?

So, lately, I have been very productive with writing down and sending myself my TDLs.  Not only do I put anything and everything on my Google calendar, but I have created alarms and lists of things I need to do each day or week.

I have also used Evernote and other productivity apps like QuickMemo (on my Android) that helps me to write quick notes or reminders for myself throughout the day, just in case I forget something important. I knew I had to change my time management skills and do something different in order to have a more fulfilling life. It takes doing something different to get something different; who could argue with that? Lol.

So, I'm curious...What apps or productivity tools do you use? Comment below and share how they've help you be more productive in your life!

Enjoy your week!

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Need a new fragrance for your home?

When you have a praying family/set of friends...

...there isn't anything you can't do !

I went home for the first time since the Fall in late July.  I was very EXCITED to just WHOOSAH and get away from my current situations of life: school, stress, and work! Needless to say, this was a much-needed trip back home!
My days consisted of me helping out at home by running errands and even doing a walk on the treadmill! I actually enjoyed that, although it took some time to get the gusto to do it, lol! I also visited my Dad (whose birthday was the day before I left town) and my younger brother, hung our with friends and saw some other High school friends at a birthday party.  Despite some small issues, I thoroughly enjoyed my time back at home.  
While I was away, I had to take care of some things while I was at home in Houston, TX. Some things were taken care of (i.e. Housing for the Fall semester, grades from Summer school, etc) while some things seemed like it took forever to handle (i.e. Financial Aid).  I ended up taking on t…

What's Next?

Where should I start?

I have been through many different turns and twists, but when you can talk about it and be a light to others, it is worth the journey.

There were many distractions during my Spring semester in my current MBA program (I don't think I mentioned me being in an MBA program, but I am! It's definitely a blessing not without hurdles, lol!)  From the course load being a bit more strenuous to having to move-out and figure out where else I would live, I had a lot to deal with on my plate. I felt like I was in a maze or a snowball that kept unraveling! It became so much of a mental strain that I took a some time away from everything and had a weekend to two to do absolutely NOTHING! Lol.  Yes, it was possibly hurtful to my classwork and more, but who knows what would have happened had I not done that?

As the semester winded down, I had the chance to start the process of chartering an organization on campus.  Between myself and another colleague, we started with the…


Sometimes, things hit you like a ton of bricks.

Other times, you have to take those bricks and build what God has provided to you.

Another Year, Another Me.

Hey Y'all! 
I am not surprised that it's been almost a whole 12 months since my last post! Lol.  When life hands you lemons, you gotta make that lemonade :) Nevertheless, I am back in the saddle and STILL excited about writing and sharing my life with people (or as much as I'm willing to share).  Quick update:
Enrolled in Clark Atlanta's MBA program this past FallBecame more active within my Church ( a "Nesty" Award from Eagle's Nest Church for Outstanding Service in 2014Worked with 2 separate Entrepreneurs in separate industriesRecruited a Consultant within my Mary Kay Business Continued to push my Pink Zebra Brand to more customers, and MOST IMPORTANTLYWent home to Houston, TX during Spring Break!
In-between all of those things happening, LIFE still happened and I am grateful to still be present to talk about anything and everything.  Honestly, I an in a really good place, despite some not-so-good things that may have taken p… have you been? :0)

Hey, y'all!

How are you doing today?  Depending on when you read this, I hope your day/evening is going great!

Per my last post, here is a brief update since my move:

My main reason to move to GA was to work in the field of Mass Media or Media Entertainment. Between different jobs to make ends meet, I was in Graduate school online for two more years.  Needless to say, I am no longer in that program (for reasons I won't discuss here), and for two years after that, I worked in the Retail Banking industry.  One Bank afforded me the opportunity to work as a Business Banker, where I would solicit businesses to open Business accounts and to utilize our products and services.  It was a definite growing experience and I am glad that I had a chance to work with a different Bank as recent as last year.

My second Retail Banking experience was with a Bank that is more well-known and one that offers more options for Bankers.  My position there was in a Supervisory role, Personal Banker and…


Good afternoon, Fam!  It's been a long time since I've written a post, however, my motivation has changed, so here goes! The post below is from 8/28/2009, 5 days before I officially moved to Atlanta from Clarion, PA.   It is short and sweet, so please comment below and I look forward to your subscription! I will write another post soon, as a "Flash Forward" to discuss where I am today.

Hello again to all!

Hope everyone's day (or evening, whenever you plan to read this), is doing well. My day was good, could have been better, but no time or need to complain. Something was on my mind, so I would like to share. Here goes!

Moving On
It hasn't been as difficult in an emotional sense to just pack up and leave my home of almost 25 years. I have found an opportunity and I'm taking it because if I don't: 1) I'll regret myself for not doing it and 2) my life would not be the same. This is a career changing experience, one that will benefit my family, myself and…