What A Week! and Music Tuesdays 6.21.12

Wow! What can I say about the last month, let alone the last 10 days???

Through the bumps, I have had a very interesting few weeks.  "When you're feeling down, you should never fake it." - Mary J. Blige, MY LIFE.  I have had that feeling during this time; I don't want to put up any kind of facade, regardless of how I was dealing with the pain.  If I am down or feeling not up to par, I want to be  able to show it.  When I am in that state of mind, of course, people will ask me, "what's wrong?" To which I reply with a "I don't want to talk about it" or " I'm doing well."  Honestly, things ARE well in MY eyes: I have the capability to STILL speak, touch, think, walk, smell, taste, breathe and see my life EACH DAY, despite the odds against me, so everything is FINE.  God blesses me with life each day and from the beginning of my turmoil to present-day, I am forever grateful for it.  This is a small storm, but the little things that have been overlooked before have really kept me enlightened.

Last Saturday, I pulled over to the side of the road so I could make a phone call.  I had my sensors on so that passer-bys would know I was on the side of the road, not from being hurt, just being pulled over.  About 10 minutes later, two guys pull in front of me to make sure I was OK!   When one guy came to my driver's side door, I rolled down my window and he asked if I needed help with a flat tire or gas.  I told him "No" since I was making a call for directions.  He said OK and thought I was in some kind of trouble.  When he left, I thanked God for that interaction because ANYTHING could have happened with that interaction.  He was kind enough to REALLY want to help me and to be a support system, if only for a moment.  Those are the kinds of people that are willing to go out of their way to help another.  Not to sound cliche', but it does make the environment/world a better living space when perfect strangers can approach you with no ulterior motives in mind.

Wednesday was one for the books! I actually met with a prayer group  EARLY IN THE MORNING and told them about my situation.  They prayed with me and helped me along for the rest of my day.  My appointment time wasn't for 1pm, so I was at my destination VERY early, to say the least.  I saw it as God showing me another outlet for spiritual strength during this rough patch.  It definitely helped/is helping.    I literally have no where else to turn but to a higher spiritual source, so that is what is going to keep me sane and stable.

Briefly diverting...MUSIC TUESDAYS!

Last week was Usher's seventh studio album release: Looking For Myself.  I have only downloaded two songs thus far.  Until more become appealing, I will download more :)   I understand this change he is going through with his music is going to take me a bit longer to catch up to it, personally.  He as an artist has truly evolved and the industry around him is evolving, too.  So, although I don't really agree with some of the music choices, I understand them.  If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen!  R. Kelly is coming out with an album THIS COMING TUESDAY , called Write Me Back.  It is a continuation of  his last album, Love Letter, where he does music from different eras.  This time, the songs are most reflective of  1960's-70's Soul/R&B music. Despite his personal struggles, one thing's for sure: he is still a creative music artist.     The previous week (before Usher's release), Eric Benet released his newest effort called The One.   With songs like "Harriet Jones" and Real Love," Eric Benet came back with a bang!  This album is also the FIRST release from his OWN label, Jordan House Records.  I can say that his velvety smooth voice truly defies gravity and amazes me to no end! LOL! I saw him in February perform LIVE and let me tell you...AWESOMENESS!!!  His live performance of his GRAMMY-NOMINATED HIT, "Sometimes I Cry" was JUST LIKE the record! He even sung some parts longer, which didn't make any difference to me; I am becoming a HUGE fan of his!   It takes guts to please an audience of fans/naysayers when you have had a public relationship/divorce with an A-List actress.  He's a stand-up guy who's now re-married and has a newborn baby at home. So as the saying goes, "Life is good..." for Eric Benet.  Go cop those albums!!!

Thank you for reading and please comment and subscribe to my blog.  It means so much that there are people who want to read my thoughts and know more about who I am.   Stay encouraged in the fight to be positive, progressive and prosperous!  It may seem like it is hard, but when you get rid of the negativity, it is that much easier!

~V. Wade~


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