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friday afternoon

i feel much better from yesterday and I am so happy that I am in the last school day. the week went by so fast and I couldnt be more happy. Midterms are this coming week and I will be studying starting this weekend. I am not really used to doing that so warly but I know that I will need better grades on these tests.

a sick thursday...

well I am sick due to post nasal drip and I can barely speak. I dont know what to do besides take medicine and get some rest. I pray that I do get better before the weekend begins or at least before next week starts. I know that through him I will be able to make it through the week. peace and love to everyone!


it's early on the morning and i am getting ready for a class test in my 11 o clock class. im confident that I will do well and hopefully we can leave right after the test is over. Im feeling good today! I woke up feeling more energized than previous day and I am ready for the day's events to come. I just know that it will be a long night...!


Well I pray that i can get some sleep this evening. I have so much to do with in this 10 or so hour span, it's crazy! But I know that I can do it . it's only Tuesday and I have another 3 days left. I hope I can make it...

Monday's post...

Today is an interesting class day. We are looking up websites on how to make real money with blogs. This class gets more and more interesting as the weeks go by. But im glad that it wasnt a hard work load day. peace and love!


The game was Saturday and I was shocked that we did so well in the last minute and a half. We could have won the game had grambling missed the field goal. But it was a great game by PV's standards. We are so used to losing game after game after game that I was expecting us to lose to them. The excitement overall was magnified times 10!! Good job PV!


I will be in dallas for the Cotton Bowl game this weekend. So even though I am writing this blog on monday, I went to the game this past weekend. peace and love!