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Reality...or Counterfeit?

Evening to all! Hope every one's having a good day/evening. Something came to me and I wanted to write about it so, here goes!
Reality Shows
As a avid television watcher (I should stop that habit or lessen it some), almost all the cable channels along with some local channels have sprung into the "reality TV" trend. I have to admit, there are some shows that have and continue to spark my interest ( the "Love" shows) but there are some topics that I think to myself " the station must have been desperate" or "who the hell cares about this?" For example, Megan from ROL2 has her show on VH1 (reality show central, lol) called "Megan Wants A Millionaire." Who cares? Lol. I want a Millionaire but I don't want to be on TV to get one. I am a private person and I couldn't see myself on TV for anything like that. Now if it was a competition to become the next big Radio star, I may consider it, lol! There is a new show starting t…