Two years and Music Tuesday 9.2.12!

My trip/place to Atlanta

Today marks two whole years since I moved to Atlanta (to stay for good) and I can't be more happy to have made such a great decision.  I knew that if I didn't step out on faith and make that long drive to GA, I would have felt the "shoulda, coulda, wouldas" and long term feelings of regret.  Despite some trials and tribulations here, I enjoy my time and the people that have blessed my life abundantly.   Atlanta is such a progressive and prosperous city that, IRREGARDLESS of what is depicted on TV, it's still a great place to live.   You ultimately have to block out negativity to get to what's AWESOME about the city.

Music Tuesday: Tamia's "Beautiful Surprise" and Dwele's "Greater Than One"

Two fave artists of mine released their most recent album this past Tuesday, 8.28.12: Tamia and Dwele!  Tamia never releases an album that I don't like and if the album is evident of the first single, the title track "Beautiful Surprise,"  then I can't wait to hear the rest!  She's an artist who I don't have to hear their whole CD in order to make a purchase; she as an artist herself is what makes me want to support her.  Dwele is the same way; his voice and artistry are one of the reasons why I always support him.  If you haven't heard his music, I highly recommend it!!! Click the album titles to purchase and support these artists:

Beautiful Surprise

Greater Than One

More info to come on my business and other great things before the end of the year!  Thank you to those reading this blog and please write your comments on the blog; I 'd LOVE to respond!! 

Peace and love with positivity, progression and prosperity,



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