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OMG! I JUST found out that KEM released a Christmas Album LAST WEEK via Itunes.  After hearing the samples, I knew I had to buy it.  I most certainly will support him very soon!  He has been consistent with his  music and he isn't an artist that feels he NEEDS to change with the climate of the music industry.  Some of the Christmas songs have a Jazz-influence with it, too.  His voice is such a great addition to ANY song and if he can start his career in his late 30's, so can anyone else! Click here for KEM's Christmas album: "What Christmas Means."   He NEVER disappoints!

As we all know, Brandy released her 6th studio album last week, too called "Two Eleven."  MY FAVORITE ARTIST IN THE WHOLE WORLD! Well, her and AALIYAH! I have heard that she went back to her roots with this album, so I know I'm buying it! Her previous albums, "Human" and "Aphrodisiac" were GREAT, imho.  Just because the "industry" is fickle when they h…