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midterm friday...

I am ready for midterms to be over with and I need to get some sleep. I have been studying for my tests and I have had little sleep this week. Today will be a good day and my tests will go well. peace and love!

thirsty thursdays!!

As I get over my sickness, my allergies are acting up more and more than ever since I have a bad cough. I know what it is from but in the end, the allergies make my throat dry and I end up having to drin a lot of water or fluids. All day I have needed the urge to drink something. I finally got some water so now im happy.


There's hope for me yet. I am content today and I would like certain things to transpire sooner than later, but I don't have any control over that. that's all i have to say today.


for once, I am putting certain people to the side and focusing on what is best for my sake and what is good for me to do. I can not prolong what is necessary to be done in order to acconplish my goals whether it comes to my living arrangements or schoolwork or even personal life. As a woman, I should not compromise my well being, health or personal habits to please anyone else. I should be able to live in peace without having to concern myself with matters that arent important especiall within my own living space. But sometimes, you have to do what you gotta do to in order to make things right. Many people may not like it, but like I said earlier, you can not please everyone. I have had to learn that many times in my life and I still have more to learn. All in all, I did what I had to do...

a glorious monday morning!!

i am feeling great today! i doubt anyone or anything will take my mood away from me. I am recovering from my sickness and I WOKE UP AND FELT GREAT ABOUT TODAY! I am just so happy and church yesterday was a great revelation for me personally. I saw someone get baptiszed and now i feel this week wil be great!