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Two years and Music Tuesday 9.2.12!

My trip/place to Atlanta

Today marks two whole years since I moved to Atlanta (to stay for good) and I can't be more happy to have made such a great decision.  I knew that if I didn't step out on faith and make that long drive to GA, I would have felt the "shoulda, coulda, wouldas" and long term feelings of regret.  Despite some trials and tribulations here, I enjoy my time and the people that have blessed my life abundantly.   Atlanta is such a progressive and prosperous city that, IRREGARDLESS of what is depicted on TV, it's still a great place to live.   You ultimately have to block out negativity to get to what's AWESOME about the city.

Music Tuesday: Tamia's "Beautiful Surprise" and Dwele's "Greater Than One"

Two fave artists of mine released their most recent album this past Tuesday, 8.28.12: Tamia and Dwele!  Tamia never releases an album that I don't like and if the album is evident of the first single, the title track &…