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The New Year

I hope everyone has had a good year thus far.
I have had a good one and my 2009 was one that I will remember for many things. More importantly, for learning experiences. 2010 is the year I NEED to change who I am, in every sense of the word. That is a cliche', but a true one that I will stick to this year.

Last year I made some big changes in my life: moving out of state to starting 2 new degrees post bachelor's degree. I, to say the least, have had my struggles with many things, but that is a main reason why I am using this year to bounce back and free myself of any and ALL excuses I have made in the past.

I also have made personal choices to distance myself from things and people. If anyone gets offended by the things I say or do, believe me, it is not intentional. I have to do what makes ME happy, not what makes others happy. I have to be sane and take better care of myself and I can no longer worry about the little things. That includes peo…