Part 2: Baptism Video...and More! 9.30.12

Hey everyone! How is your Sunday going?

I hope you all had a great week :) Always remember that Sunday is the start of a new week and what happened last week is OLD NEWS!

For those that don't know, I got baptized last Sunday (9.23.12) and I said I would have the video on the actual Baptism available for you to view today.  There were many family and friends that couldn't attend the service, so I wanted to give you all a chance to experience it as if you were there!

Below is the video: tell me in the Comments section what you think:


For the Music Lovers!
This Tuesday, Faith Evans is releasing a new album called R&B Divas, inspired by the new reality series she  produced called "R&B Divas" on TVOne.  You can watch it every Monday night at 10pm EST.  Each song is a duet with another cast-member of the show along with a special song with Kelly Price.  Support her and her music along with the other "Divas" featured on the album.  Here's a link to pre-order the album, if you wish:  "R&B Divas" Album.

Eagle's Nest Church...
I wanted to share a few tidbits I learned in Church today from my Pastor, Lee Jenkins.  This is regarding EXCELLENCE and how it plays into our daily lives:

"Excellence has NOTHING to do with anyone else but you and GOD."

"Doing the BEST you can do with what GOD gave you = EXCELLENCE."

"You should never be so busy to where you can't pray."


"The spirit of EXCELLENCE should govern EVERYTHING a Christian does."

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Peace and love,


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