Thursday, August 27, 2009


Back once again!

Well I had two more topics to talk about but I didn't want to add them all to the same posting, so here goes!

Sophie Foundation

As some people know, Boris Kudjoe married his Soul Food: The Series cast mate Nicole Parker in 2005. Their first child is a girl named Sophie and their second child is a boy named Nicolas. They were on the cover of the Ebony June 2007 issue with Boris and they are the cutest kids ever! Nehoo, their daughter Sophie, has a condition called spinal bifida (which I'll put the wikipedia link that shows the pic of it at the end). She has had it since birth and it's a defect that affects the baby's spine. Nicole and Boris have started a foundation in their daughter's name called the Sophie Foundation, which gives them a chance to find a cure for their daughter as well as other children and adults living with this defect. Here is the wikipedia article that discusses it:

And here is the link to the foundation, which I believe you can also make donations to it as well:

Here is Boris Kudjoe's official website as well:

Please let me know if the links work or not.

This is a great cause and it goes to show that celebrities are just as human as us "regular" folk. I don't even see them as celebrities honestly because they act and seem so down to earth and humble. This also shows that in order to be a success or to be good at something, you have to start somewhere. Helping others should be a mindset that everyone should have but doesn't because they don't think about it right away or at all. This couple have it in mind that they want to help and give others hope that you can be cured from this defect. Most importantly, they want to give back, which is always amazing!

I had something else to write pertaining to Parental Control (self explanatory), but I forgot the main focus on that. So I'll move on.

The title of this post mean alot is going to take place in the next three days. I 'm going to PA for graduate school and I can't wait! This move and decision is the BEST thing I could have ever done in my life at this moment. So many more opportunities to see things, experience life on my own, being INDEPENDENT and focused on my goal: my degree, becoming more motivated and job placement. After graduating, I have a better chance to find a job than the luck or lack there of where I am now. When I mean job, I mean a job that I ENJOY, not one that I am forced to work in or a place where I don't like it at all. At the time I graduate, things should pick up and I don't foresee any major problems finding a good paying job worth my experience and knowledge. No more excuses! I don't need to make anymore reasons for myself to not succeed. Time waits for no one!

Well, hope you enjoyed this post as well. Feel free to comment and write how you honestly feel. Thanks for reading, as always, and peace and love!



Hello to everyone reading this post!

How are you today? Great! I am really enjoying myself today for some reason lol!

IDK why I keep having these long breaks between posts. Oh well...moving on!

A lot has transpired within the past two weeks. I'll keep it short and sweet, lol. I would like to touch on a few things, so here we go!

Caster Semenya

This story makes no sense to me. Caster is the South African female who won her GOLD medal in the Olympics in Berlin about a week or so ago. The doctors in her own country as well as in the US were questioning her gender in regards to their possibly being more male characteristics in her to run as a female. GIVE ME A BREAK!! The only reason y she may have an inkling of male tendencies is because she has muscle. That's due to the workout that she does in training for the Olympics. It's a shame that a Black woman can't even earn a medal (a GOLD on at that, the highest honor) without it being something wrong with her. Today's racism is constantly showing, not it's more evident in sports. If has been a woman of another race...well let's not touch on that.


Well it has been two wks since my last post, and since then, some very GREAT CDS have been released. These are based on my style and liking to music but I know other genres/artists have new music as well. They are:

Queen Latifah - Persona (her 1st hip-hop album in 10 yrs)

Smokey Robinson - Time Flies when You're Having Fun (this man will be 70 next year!)

Ledesi - Turn It Loose (follow-up to her 2006 CD Lost and Found)

Najee - Mind Over Matter (jazz instrumentalist)

Facts of Life: The Soul Of Bobby Womack - Calvin Richardson (his voice is AMAZING! he is on the Indie road now since his label didn't know how to promote him)

Songs and Stories - George Benson

Blues For You - Jeff Golub (Jazz artist, very mellow too!)

Vanessa Williams - The Real Thing (new single, I believe)

Forever, Michael - MJ

Next Week and in the future:

Next wk:
Trey Songz - Ready (check the album cover, CALIENTE!)

Whitney Houston - I Look To You ( huge comeback album in seven years)

Sept 29Th

Mariah Carey - M.O.A.I.A (Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel)

I like most of these artists so I plan to get most of these. Hope that helps you out.


Where to start with this one? Some bkgrnd: Well, Corey Miller aka C-Murder was convicted in 2003 of a crime committed in Jan 2002, however, a new trial was requested b/c the criminal backgrounds were withheld on 3 witnesses by prosecutors. In August, the jury deliberated twice since the judge told them the first time to deliberate longer since it was a serious case. They still came up with teh same verdict n on 8/12/09 he was officially convicted of the crime in 2002. His sentencing was 2 days later and he got the life sentence. On this past Tuesday, the jury confessed to being pressured into coming up with the guilty verdict, so it's possible for it to be overturned again.

WHEW! With all that said, I pray the brotha is keeping his faith strong and his mind clear and focused. I wouldn't know what to do if something like this happened to me. FOR REAL. It's so sad how many rap artists have been successful (Pac, DMX, C-Murder) yet their art imitates their lives. Why can't they stay out of jail? What possesses them to keep going down the road of self-destruction? Just my opinion, but I feel it may have something to do with the male figures in their loves, or lack there of.

Well I'm gonna end this post and write another one so this one isn't so long. Thanks for reading and peace and love!

until next post,