March 28th, 2012: Is It Wrong?

I posed that question because there are things that I do (although not perfect at), that I would expect others to do, but DON'T do.

Is wrong for me to think that people will be courteous?
Is it wrong for me to think that gratitude could/should go a long way?
Is it wrong for me to move away from someone who sneezes/coughs, while being sick, without covering their mouth?
Is it wrong to move on from a job and start your own career?
Is it wrong to NOT settle for what you KNOW is not in GOD's plan for you?
Is it wrong to expect adults to ACT as such?
Is it wrong to be respectful to others' privacy?
Is it wrong to put someone down due to their misfortune?
Is it wrong to expect children to behave or to be raised properly?*
Is it wrong of me to speak properly, as I was raised, AND NOT be judged?
Is it wrong to be well-mannered AND NOT be judged?
Is it wrong to also write in proper English, as I was taught, AND NOT be judged?
Is it wrong to live in a way that isn't what SOCIETY wants me to do/live?
Is it wrong to not/no longer be around people who AREN'T dreamers or those who want something better for their lives?
Is it wrong to WANT to be in the company of those who DREAM BIG and who have goals for themselves?
Is it wrong to better myself and improve on who I am and in the process, leave those behind who aren't doing the same?
Is it wrong to follow and be mentored by those that are positive, progressive and prosperous?

and, lastly:

Is it wrong to walk by faith and believe in God?

*This pertains more to a subjective opinion, since how children are reared or raised is different for everyone.

The last question may pose some debates by others, but the others are self explanatory. I don't think it is wrong to expect some, most or all of these things from people, however, I am just one person. I had this on my mind for a while, so I decided to share with others as well as get it off my chest. I am not writing this to state that I am perfect because I know that I am not. I fall short of some or most of the things on this list, however, it does pose some thought when dealing with other people.

After reading some previous posts, I will make the effort to bring back some things I did before: Music Tuesdays and TV show premieres (that I enjoy :0). Anything else I can come up with I'll also do to make the blog uplifting and fun!

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Make it a GREAT day and surround yourself with positive, progressive and prosperous people.

Peace and love,


  1. Wow! Girly! Love this! And NO it Isn't Wrong!!! Loving what I see! Keep it up!!!

  2. Thank you so much, ma'am! I appreciate your continued support! It truly means so much!

    Thank for commenting!



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