I hope everyone is doing well this afternoon. I am! I had somethings to talk about and things to address so here goes!

Every Tuesday is my favorite day of the week: NEW MUSIC! I am so excited that BOTH Joe and Chico Debarge's new Cd's are in stores!!! Joe's new CD is called "Signature" and Chico Debarge's "Addiction!" I honestly feel and believe that both of these artists should do a duet album or a double album together. That would be long overdue and very great for all the real fans out there. The song "No Guarantee" shows how much their voices compliment each other. They are also on tour together, so check them out when they come to town. Chico Debarge is on Twitter @chicodebarge. Joe, I'm not sure if he is, but I will look into it. It is good to see Joe staying constant in music, but I have to say: I think he fell into the trend of music with the "radio hit" phase going on right now for about two albums now. I love CLASSIC JOE and he shouldn't have to adapt pr change his sound to fit the times of today. Slim Thugga said it best and that is to be yourself and not change who you are. Classic and respectable artists like these two and also Kenny Lattimore shouldn't feel they have to change to go along with the market. That is how some artists lose fans, or even lose their appeal. This album was written, arranged, produced and sung by Joe so kudos! That must have taken a lot of work, lol! Chico Debarge went through some legal troubles and is back to where it all began: his music. This album puts him in a better place and will keep him out of trouble, hopefully lol! I admire his tenacity and him overcoming all the odds that he was faced with in life. With what he went through, he could have easily said " F*** music" and given up. I think he finds solace in his music since it is therapy for the soul and mind. Why do you think so many artists have HIT songs that pertain to personal experiences? That is what folks relate to so, it becomes popular. I will post links to some of their albums so you all can listen to them. Congrats to JOE and Chico on continuing to be you!

Chico Debarge's Long Time No See CD:

Joe Thomas' A New Man CD:

Beyonce: Sweet Dreams/Sister Act 2

Ok. I did see the new Bey video. I do like that it's in color and she has her KILLER dance moves still in tact , lol! The song is really good, too. When I hear the lyrics intently, it makes perfect sense! Overall, the video is ok. With the dance moves and song, I wouldn't rate it above Me, Myself and I or even Crazy In Love. I have other DC videos that I prefer over this one. The original DC, to me was the BEST vocally and you can truly tell on their first two albums. Her Sasha Fierce album is not in my collection and I don't want it to be. I like the songs she's put out but I would rather not have to pay for a double cd where it's ONLY 10 songs. As many songs she recorded, she could have put more on the CDs. Her songs are too "pop appeal" and there are more "radio hits" on this album, too. With her talent, she should not have to resort to being an artist of the NOW or of the times. Her music should speak and last longer than a few years and that's the main reason why I don't like the CD as a whole. One thing I do respect about Bey is that she is a hard worker. She has a hunger and a fight that is to be admired. However, I do not like how she feels she has to have a hand in everything or has to DO everything because she has the power to do it. First, it was wanting to cover the late GREAT AALIYAH'S classic song "One In A Million," then creating a new Dereon line called "Sasha Fierce" and now she wants to remake the movie "Sister Act 2." I understand why she wants to do it: it's a GREAT movie, that should be left for Whoopi Goldberg and her legacy. Every artist doesn't HAVE to act because they want to be multi-faceted or a triple threat. Many artists don't have to be in movies to be popular. I understand her being an entrepreneur and doing many different things. It may b in her spirit to be involved so much. I just don't think she should have to redo something that was great for it's time. We hear Bey enough on the radio to where people change the station sometimes. She is on every hour, sometimes twice an hour on most top 40 stations, and that is how and why most people get tired of hearing or seeing her wanting to do EVERYTHING. She is good enough w/o the movies or even the clothing line. I do like her clothing line, but it way too expensive and even it I had the money to afford it, I wouldn't spend $100 on a pair of jeans or on some of the other merchandise in her line. Her new line of clothes is going to be in the same price range also, so who knows what will come of that?

Bey is a great artist, but please just tone it down a notch, lol!

Here is an article posted by a guy named gyant (twitter @gyant). Nia Long is featured in it and she discusses her concern for actresses not getting their just due for roles in movies:

Sweet Dreams Video:

Well, that's it for this blog. I hope I didn't offend anyone, but if I did, leave a comment saying why. Feel free to comment regardless, lol! Let me know if the links work, too. Everyone stay positive and blessed.

Thanks for reading and as always, PEACE AND LOVE! SMOOCHIES!

~MS. V~


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