Hope everyone's day was an eventful one. No regrets?? Good. Let's chat about some current events, lol! I plan to be brief tonight, so here we go!


First off, I watched the ABC special last night called "The Jacksons After Michael." I caught the last 45 or so minutes, but I was glued to it the whole time. I was glad that some things came up that can clear the air, and other things that, I feel should have been kept personal. When Joe Jackson admitted Katherine whupping Michael more than he did, I was in shock. But then, I was confused because I didn't know who to believe. Whatever went on in that house all those years ago, we the fans only have his movies (Moon Walker, An American Dream, The Michael Jackson Story) to really account for it. It has been out for so long that it was Joe that did it, but now, this is revealed. If it was REALLY Katherine, why wasn't it exposed prior to the making or duration of An American Dream? Makes you wonder... Another shocking revelation (well, not to me) were the pics of Michael's ankles and legs. So many people made him out to be someone he wasn't by saying that he BLEACHED HIS SKIN but the pictures showed he actually had the vitilgo disease. The pics are hard evidence of the TRUTH, so everyone should fall back and let MJ rest in peace!


I AM LOVING JADA'S NEW SHOW HAWTHORNE!!! Her portrayal of a CNO (Chief Nursing Officer) is very convincing, lol! Of course it would be, since she herself is a great actress! (Just my opinion). My mom and I watch it every Tuesday night. Oddly enough, my mom in an RN and Jada's mom is STILL a nurse! My mom wanted me to be a nurse because of my helpful nature, but I passed. I respect people in the field and admire their perseverance (I see it everyday in my mother), but I would rather not work as a nurse in the Medical field. Billing and Coding, or Administrative Assistant, Hell Yeah!!! Not a nurse who is on their feet for almost 12 hours straight. When I watch Jada's show, I get a small glimpse of what my mother may go through every other day. Sometimes, I may get emotional because it can be hard to watch someone pass away (even though it's TV). That's real life in a hospital and knowing that my own mother goes through that makes me nervous at times. But she chose to engage in that profession, so I shouldn't worry for her. I should be happy FOR her. On the other end, I enjoy all the characters and story lines they each go through. Alot of sarcastic humor plays on through some of her other characters. She not only is the main character, but the Executive Producer. She calls the shots!! I know that many new faces are on this show (at least from what I can see) and when those actors look back, they will honor and respect Jada for giving them a shot or a piece of her dream. I have admired and loved Jada for a long time and I appreciate the fact that she wanted to produce a show with integrity, heart and of quality and humor. It is a HUGE step up from other shows that are on TV nowadays. Much respect and keep up the GREAT work, Jada! BTW, she does have a Facebook page that SHE operates, so lookout for her!


Everyone is not going to like what people say or do. With that said, I want to know why SOOOOOOOOO many people are coming down so hard on Nia Long for her speaking her TRUE AND HONEST opinion about artists and movie roles? She is correct in her opinion, yet she gets the negative backlash because people think she is name dropping. I feel that what you have a passion for should be your main focus, nothing else. If you LOVE AND BREATHE acting, you should do that. If you LOVE AND BREATHE music, you should do that. There shouldn't be any double dipping all because you want to "make more money" or it "looks good on your resume." Bump that. Too many artists (who should stick to singing/rapping) are not fulfilling the acting roles well enough. To many and most actors, it is their bread and butter, their reason for existing, their money maker. If they weren't paid to do it, I know some who would still pursue the career because they simply LOVE it. Same with musicians/artists. When you take that away from someone, it's cause for qualified or more pertinent actors to speak out on it. I know some musicians/artists who would not like a actor stealing their thunder from them on the Billboard charts, so why do that to a seasoned or accomplished actor for a movie role?

Like I stated in a previous blog, just because you are able to or can do it, doesn't mean you SHOULD do it. Some people think because they have a "pop" appeal or they are well known in whatever industry their craft is in, they can do it all. Well, take some acting classes and hone that craft before you try and steal someone else's money.

Bottom line, it shouldn't always be about MONEY. It should ALWAYS be about pure TALENT. Everyone stick to what they know best.

On that note, (sorry for it being so long) I'm headed to sleep. I want to do a New Jack Swing post 2morrow...we'll see how that goes.

Thanks for reading and as always, PEACE AND LOVE! Feel free to comment if you want.



  1. Nia Long kept it sooo real. smh @ those who think other wise. Nowadays, entertainment (movies and music) is about who can pull in the most money...not who's got the talent. lol Like she said...Jamie Foxx has shaped and molded both crafts and he has the record sales and Oscar to prove it. lol


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