What's Next?

Where should I start?

I have been through many different turns and twists, but when you can talk about it and be a light to others, it is worth the journey.

There were many distractions during my Spring semester in my current MBA program (I don't think I mentioned me being in an MBA program, but I am! It's definitely a blessing not without hurdles, lol!)  From the course load being a bit more strenuous to having to move-out and figure out where else I would live, I had a lot to deal with on my plate. I felt like I was in a maze or a snowball that kept unraveling! It became so much of a mental strain that I took a some time away from everything and had a weekend to two to do absolutely NOTHING! Lol.  Yes, it was possibly hurtful to my classwork and more, but who knows what would have happened had I not done that?

As the semester winded down, I had the chance to start the process of chartering an organization on campus.  Between myself and another colleague, we started with the idea, then it came to pass with the application.  Recently, it was approved, so the hard work was worth it!  Summer brought Summer school and a scholarship to pay for classes! I also had the chance to live on campus as an Resident Assistant. That was a much needed experience and it taught me how to work with many different people and other ways to help people. I had a concern on whether or not I would be able to have Financial Aid, along with where I would live for Fall/Spring, but everything has worked out: from Housing to tuition/fees being covered! GOD is the main source of how it all worked for me and my faith has increased even more! The more I stress and worry, the less I can focus on the good things God has done for me! The biggest thing: this MBA program will be done within 18 months!



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