Another Year, Another Me.

Hey Y'all! 

I am not surprised that it's been almost a whole 12 months since my last post! Lol.  When life hands you lemons, you gotta make that lemonade :) Nevertheless, I am back in the saddle and STILL excited about writing and sharing my life with people (or as much as I'm willing to share).  Quick update:

  1. Enrolled in Clark Atlanta's MBA program this past Fall
  2. Became more active within my Church (
  3. Received a "Nesty" Award from Eagle's Nest Church for Outstanding Service in 2014
  4. Worked with 2 separate Entrepreneurs in separate industries
  5. Recruited a Consultant within my Mary Kay Business 
  6. Continued to push my Pink Zebra Brand to more customers, and MOST IMPORTANTLY
  7. Went home to Houston, TX during Spring Break!

In-between all of those things happening, LIFE still happened and I am grateful to still be present to talk about anything and everything.  Honestly, I an in a really good place, despite some not-so-good things that may have taken place lately. As long as I continue to smile and BE happy (not just look happy), God has my back! 

I am excited to be starting a new venture, hopefully within the next week.  This new opportunity will teach me a lot on how to adapt to consistent changes and time management, so I am very excited to press forward and continue the learning process. As soon as it's official, I will let you know! 

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God bless! 



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