The New Year


I hope everyone has had a good year thus far.

I have had a good one and my 2009 was one that I will remember for many things. More importantly, for learning experiences. 2010 is the year I NEED to change who I am, in every sense of the word. That is a cliche', but a true one that I will stick to this year.

Last year I made some big changes in my life: moving out of state to starting 2 new degrees post bachelor's degree. I, to say the least, have had my struggles with many things, but that is a main reason why I am using this year to bounce back and free myself of any and ALL excuses I have made in the past.

I also have made personal choices to distance myself from things and people. If anyone gets offended by the things I say or do, believe me, it is not intentional. I have to do what makes ME happy, not what makes others happy. I have to be sane and take better care of myself and I can no longer worry about the little things. That includes people and situations. I need to start surrounding myself with people who are going places and doing things successfully. My pinnacle predecessor is the lovely Oprah Winfrey. She has attained a level of success that, to an extent, I want to obtain. I don't believe I want to make as much money as she has or be as famous as her, but as far as the goals she has accomplished and how she got there is what motivates me even more to stop the B.S. All in all, I know what I must do to succeed and I have been blocking myself from "just doing it."

I do have a Twitter @vnacole, so if u ever wanna hit me up on there, u can. Please send a msg, first, then I'll reply :) Other than that, I don't use any other social networking sites. I am on LinkedIn, however, but that's not social, that's professional.

Peace and love and keep your heads to the sky!

~Ms. V~


  1. That's the way to do it. Stay focused. Stay determined. And keep learning!


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