Reality...or Counterfeit?

Evening to all! Hope every one's having a good day/evening. Something came to me and I wanted to write about it so, here goes!

Reality Shows

As a avid television watcher (I should stop that habit or lessen it some), almost all the cable channels along with some local channels have sprung into the "reality TV" trend. I have to admit, there are some shows that have and continue to spark my interest ( the "Love" shows) but there are some topics that I think to myself " the station must have been desperate" or "who the hell cares about this?" For example, Megan from ROL2 has her show on VH1 (reality show central, lol) called "Megan Wants A Millionaire." Who cares? Lol. I want a Millionaire but I don't want to be on TV to get one. I am a private person and I couldn't see myself on TV for anything like that. Now if it was a competition to become the next big Radio star, I may consider it, lol! There is a new show starting tonight called "Holidate" where two women who are in two different cities switch places and date three different men who may be associated with the other woman or not. Like I said...who cares? Why use a show to find TRUE love? I know many people feel they can find love in a month's time, which is about how long it takes to tape most of these shows, but REAL love usually isn't that instant. That's just me. Nehoo, some people just want to be seen and others are real and want to accomplish the goals set forth in the challenges. When it comes to these shows, it can be hard to depict who really wants the outcome. They have other shows that show human interest like "Tiny and Toya."I pray everything goes well for both of them but I cant help but think if their families or themselves will continue to get a negative backlash, as far as critics goes. Many people don't like the show, but I know it was still the highest rated new show with over 3 million viewers during their sneak peek on BET. That speaks volumes, but some ppl feel it sets women back when they watch that show. I hope that their only reason is to set the record straight about their lives instead of money...

Well, I hope you enjoyed the post and thanks for reading! Peace and love!


  1. I can admit that I'm shamelessly addicted to reality t.v. So that must make us kindred spirits! Lol. I don't even know what ROL2 is but I have seen that Megan Wants a Millionaire on my t.v. guide (and I bypass it everytime). I've always thought there's no time limit on falling in love, it just depends on the people. BUT come on now ... a lasting relationship takes a lot longer to develop than a month. So you're right, those couples that we love to hate - I mean watch! — they probably won't even be together by the time the show's finale premieres.


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