I know I have been neglectful of my blog. I know I can't do this continuously if I want to start a following or just get enough people to read it. Sometimes, things do come up but other moments, I can be somewhat lazy. I will and have to do better. Since that's out of the way, here we go!!

Scott Peterson

Last week (when I wanted to actually write this blog, lol) I came across a news story that confused me a bit. I read the AOL stories and news links often and Scott Peterson's name came up. The article stated how his family are asking people to help them raise money for him to have another trial to win an appeal that can possibly show his innocence in the case and for him to get out sooner.

Now I may be wrong, but if I remember correctly, wasn't he the main and ONLY suspect that was charged with this murder? I saw the E! True Hollywood Story and I was very upset at the story and even more so the disturbing evidence that was found that lead to him. It wasn't too many things that didn't lead away from Scott Peterson being the suspect. If he didn't do it, then maybe this is a good thing for the family to do. However, there hasn't been (at least that has been publicized) another person to step forward or even speak about them being a suspect or possible murderer of Laci Peterson and their unborn son. I do feel that he did commit the crime based on them not having any other major suspects. I could be wrong, but that is my opinion and until proven otherwise, I will still feel this way. I pray that this can be finally put to rest sooner or later if the family want to make this stride towards helping their son become a free man.


Also last week, I was reading a VERY interesting article/interview about a member of 'DA BASSMENT, which was a collective of very talented R&B/New Jack Swing artists founded by Jodeci founder, Devante Swing. Her name was Susan Weems and she was a member of the group that Tweet was in called Sugah! Sounds cool right? All of the following artists that have made names for themselves now were in this collective called 'DA BASSMENT:


Missy Elliott

Timbaland (who Devante gave him that name)




Ironically enough, Timbaland and Missy worked with ALL of these artists when it comes to production, and we all know to this day he was made some major hits!

The interview was written for the New Jack Swing website called NJS4E, which means "New Jack Swing 4 Ever." As some of us know, NJS is a genre of music that was founded (arguably) by Teddy Riley in the late 80's. Remember him? He is in BOTH groups Guy and Blackstreet. He also produced Bobby Brown's HIT song "My Prerogative."

One thing I love about this website is that it pays homage to this art form that, to me, has not died or went away. Some may feel it has since music is so induced with other types of pop music and artists who shouldn't be artists (lol!). Teddy is working on albums for both Blackstreet and Guy as we speak and I'm sure that NSJ4E will have the first scoop on when they will both be released! Now, back to the article (sorry got sidetracked there).

Susan Weems discusses everything from how Devante was as a boss and how 'DA BASSMENT ended up dissolving. She talked about his true and raw talent and how he personally showed her how to play guitar. He didn't have lessons or anything himself, he was self taught! She also talks about how Suge Knight came into the picture and potentially changed his aura and the aura of the business of his collective. When Suge Knight is around, many people get nervous and who could blame them? He just has a vibe around him that seems to be negative sometimes. It was stated in the interview that he was a nice guy, speaking to everyone and clowning around with them, but everyone around that time (I think this was around mid 90's) knew what he was up to because of him being in the media so much. His background isn't squeaky clean and I feel that many people judge him for that. Once you do wrong, it follows you for the rest of your life. I haven't finished the rest of the interview (6 parts), but it goes further to talk about what she is doing now and any future music plans also. I loved the interview and what it offered fans of NJS and fans of 'DA BASSMENT. When you get the chance check it out at

Future Wedding

Well, I would like to say that I am getting married, but my good friend that I have known since middle school is getting married in August!! My brother and I got the invite in the mail last week and I am ecstatic we were invited. We went to her engagement party, and I immediately started balling my eyes out. I couldn't stop crying!! I was/am so happy for her and I always want and wish the best for her and her family! It was so moving to see her and her fiance' interacting with one another and their dancing was on point, too. I pray that I would be able to find the man to marry and share the rest of my life with as she did. I an envious of her only in a sense of wanting that kind of happiness with a man that loves me unconditionally.

Future music/DVDS

As I peruse, I see that Girlfriends Season Seven will be coming out on DVD October 13th and Ledesi's new CD to come out in August. The Game will arrive in stores September 1st too!! I am so excited for quality programming and music to continue surfacing in today's world. Whitney Houston debuted her new album cover last week (or was it this week?) and her new album comes out September 1st, too. A new artist by the name of K'Jon (who has a song called "On The Ocean") will have is new CD out August 4th. There will also be commemorative DVDs and CDs from Time and Life magazine paying homage to Michael Jackson as well being released in August.

This year is one to remember with comebacks and losses but we ALL must know that you should live to the fullest and have no regrets. Take time to respect and give to those without if you can afford to do so. You will be blessed for your kindness. Always help others in need and if nothing else about work and careers come to mind, always stay humble because nothing is guaranteed besides taxes and death, so don't take ANYTHING for granted. Cherish what you have now, regardless of the minor circumstances.

Well, time to sign off, but as always, THANKS FOR READING! Feel free to comment and PEACE AND LOVE!

Susan Weems Interview:


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